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"...Impression X, after multiple viewings, has left me with a powerful sense of being a point of access to the unconscious, that is the place of revelations behind the crispness of reality and behind the lure of appearances...

...It doesn’t show as much as it reveals our world to us. It may reveal its filmmakers’ psyches but also ours, because it makes us, its viewers, active and creative. By not overtelling it sets us free, encouraging us to fill the blanks and add our voice to its stories...
...The chance Impression X gives us, its public, to be involved in the act of creation is powerful and precious as it leads us not outside but inside

Véronique David-Martin

Author Les Maîtres de l’Orage & Ayub: roman initiatique


"Look at Impression X, and discover the world with it (literally too, with the filmmakers in all kinds of places in the world). Yes, it’s like the innocence of silent cinema, with musical accompaniment, but not from “naive” filmmakers, it’s professional filmmakers letting themselves “be naive”, and that’s the daring and beautiful thing about the film. And let yourself be seduced by the music also, which is eclectic and compelling: dub, electronica, jazz, folk, indigenous. Overall, a very refreshing film."


Bill Mousoulis
Founder Senses of Cinema


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