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Shoot 8!'s third and last edition took place on 30th November 2013 at 330 Live, The Hague.

Shoot 8! was launched on 16 october 2010 @ the Strijkijzer, during the Shoot-Me Film Festival in The Hague, Holland. It was a joined project initiated by the international collective Chill’m Guerrilla Cinema and organized together with the Super 8 Reversal Lab and Shoot-Me Film Festival.
In April 2012 Shoot 8! held its second edition and screened the documentary Format Perspective. This was organized by Shoot-Me Pop Up Cinema, together with UHM and Carhartt.

You probably know them well, those grainy bits of footage that immediately give you that nostalgic vibe: that's Super8-mm film. Super 8 was released in 1965 and heralded as the new film format for home video. Of course we've all moved on since then, but many enthusiasts, (amateur) filmmakers and specialized festivals throughout the world prove that the medium is still alive and well, and even growing in popularity. Interesting fact is that one of the world's few Super8 labs can be found in The Hague...
...the Super 8 Reversal Lab. All the more reason for launching Super 8 mm film events in Cinecity The Hague… Shoot 8!

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